Historic ships that made the Russian Navy great

Ingermanland 1715
The first III rang ship of the line built in Saint Petersburg in Admiralty Shipyard,was“Ingermanland” launched 1 may 1715, armed in 64 cannons. It was also the first, such a big (about 50 m long) ship built to be flagship of Russian navy.The project of this ship was worked out, as most of the plans of ships built before it, by tsar Peter I. Memorial ship 1724, BU after 1739. Ingermanland is a Russian tsar sailing battleship. It marks the beginning of Russia's great plan for ship construction. It was constructed in 1712, launched in 1715 and became the flagship of Peter the Great in the campaigns of 1716 and 1721 during the Great Northern War. It has a 46.02 meter and 12.8 meter wide deck and 5.56 meter hull height.