Chieco Cristiano

I was born in Venice in 1967 and my passion for the sea was transmitted to me by my grandfather and his stories of when he was in the navy. In 1998 I attended my first diving course, which allowed me to see the beauty of the sea and its depths first hand. Continuing my career up to the instructors' course, I was able to meet many people but above all many friends who, in addition to passing on their knowledge and love of the sea, allowed me to visit beautiful places both above and below the surface. My most beautiful human experience was certainly my participation in a training course for underwater guides for the visually impaired, which confirms that no handicap is stronger than the will to overcome it. My passion for wrecks and their history has brought me closer to technical diving and to specialised diving courses, even if most of my profiles are recreational, relegating the technical ones only for real necessity. The photography and videos that have accompanied my dives for some years now have been the logical consequence of wanting to document and show others all that is hidden beneath the waves. The history and development of the peoples who live and have lived along the Mediterranean Sea basin can only be understood by considering the importance that the sea has always held in all ages. Our future will depend on our willingness and ability to preserve rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. Didactics : WASE, PADI, TSA, CMAS

Mellinato Liviana

I was born in Venice in 1962. For us Venetians, the sea and the lagoon that surrounds us are an integral part of our daily life, they mark our times, our movements and permeate the very air we breathe; many say they could not live without it. So it is logical and obvious that I have always been fascinated and intrigued by them, and even though our seabed is mostly sandy, I have always tried to observe the world hidden beneath the surface. I enrolled in the Level 1 course primarily to be able to exorcise the fear I had of being completely submerged in water, knowing that without overcoming it I would never be able to dive. Thanks to the skill and patience of my instructors, not only did I gradually lose my fear, but I wanted to attend other courses as well, including the one for the nautical license. I am not a diver who likes to go deep nor a lover of technical diving; what I prefer instead is to photograph and observe the marine fauna and its underwater landscapes that, even if visited several times, always surprise with something new and unexpected. I sincerely believe that the unpredictability of the sea is one of its strengths, so the same dive always offers new ideas, perspectives and different moods to each of us. Didactics : WASE